For the Love of Lemonade



How a parent and child’s interest in building a lemonade stand went from getting shut down by local governments to the focus for a children’s book.

“My child wanted to learn how to make lemonade and sell it at a lemonade stand, and I wanted to support that interest. Now, if only we could just make lemonade, go outside, and sell it at a lemonade stand — that would’ve been easy. But the reality is that we couldn’t because kids were getting their stands shut down.”

How do I encourage my child to make a lemonade stand when restrictions (that are very valid) are telling her she can’t? This was no longer just about how to make a lemonade stand. This became a matter of, by extension, all parents teaching their child how to do what they want to do in the right way.

“I didn’t want my child to be discouraged. I wanted to encourage them to go out there, be an entrepreneur and take risks — but to do it the right way.” This meant teaching her child the importance of planning out how to make a lemonade stand instead of just jumping in without weighing out the consequences.

“Kids’ lemonade stands were being shut down or denied due to a misunderstanding with local governments. This book has been written to help parents help children understand, organize, and activate their pursuits…one lemon at a time, no matter what roadblocks they encounter.”

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