“I’m celebrating the teamwork family relationship in a simple, easy-to-understand way.”

- Author Parker Whyte

From structural engineering to graduate school attendee to children’s book author, Parker Whyte set out to build a brand focused on how parents can support children with ease. The parent-child dynamic is just like a team where the little one (Monk) is guided on their adventure to adulthood by the big one (Momo). Thus, Monk And Momo was established to represent every parent-child relationship.

“They can talk to almost anybody and can sell almost anything to those almost-anyone.” Children remind us of the good old days while giving us hope for the future. As such, we want to encourage their growth by removing barriers that most adults do not even understand.


Products such as parent-children books (like “For the Love of Lemonade”) offer a solution to how to have a successful parent-child learning experience by providing a learning format that challenges children to develop the already-present skills and giving parents a starting point.

Whyte has drawn inspiration from traditional schooling and homeschooling, pulling distinct elements from both to build the Monk And Momo brand and mission.

“In order for a child’s interest to connect with a parent’s ability to support their child, all opinions and ideas should be considered and respected,” Whyte says.

Thus, Monk And Momo products are designed with the objective that everything taught and learned is for a reason, with the success of either parent or child supporting the success of the other.